My First 3D Cinema Watching Experience

5:02 PM Viduruwan Suvinith 0 Comments

 Last week I had a one of unforgettable experience in my life.  I have been watching movies in cinemas since I was very little. But I have never experienced watching 3D movie in cinema in my life  before. It was the 2nd day that they have opened new cinema complex in top floor of Majestic City.

Group of my colleagues and I booked tickets from online ticketing site. We went there around 10 A.M. A ticketing officer issued our tickets after confirming our online reservations. Then we had to go through a narrow passage to enter cinema . At the entrance one guy has issued us 3D glasses.

The overall experience was nice and we enjoyed lot. It was a new experience to all of us to watch a 3D movie. The funny thing was there were some people who expected to see images come out of screen and play in air .I think that is because of impression given by advertisements .

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