Top 5 TV Series I Currently Watching

3:25 PM Viduruwan Suvinith 0 Comments

I started watching TV series when I was really little. If I’m not forgotten, my first TV show was “Kopi Kade “Sri Lankan country based long running TV series. The story of the TV series was built around a village and it is villagers. The episodes are based on day to today situations of the country. Then Oshin a Japanese TV series which base on a girl called Oshin and how her life move on with WW II and saving her family while doing a fight to survive.

Oshin Theme Song 

Finally I became a fan of American and UK based TV series. I thought of list down top five TV series currently I’m watching.

The Walking Dead

Genre :- Post-apocalyptic ,  Zombie

·     Terra Nova

Genre :- Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi


Genre : -  Action, Crime , Drama

The Secret Circle
 Genre :- Drama ,Fantasy ,Horror


Genre :-  Crime , Mystery ,Sci-Fi

Above mentioned shows are only my favorite five among lot.Stargate TV series Set , Merlin , Fringe , Criminal Minds ,  Game of  Torns (18*) , The Event , Super Natural ,Grimm , Falling Skies , V , Haven are the next on line.

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