Intelligent Computer power manager

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Most of modern computer operating systems provide feature that make computer standby when there is a no interaction of user in given time. The OS detect presence of the user by detecting movement of the computer mouse and user interaction with the key board but sometimes users do not physically interact with the computer for a period of time but interact with the computer in other way

E.g. watching a movie in computer
Reading a long article in computer

But a computer cannot identify that user is there. The proposed artefact will identify the presence of the user by detecting movements of the user and keep computer in working mode that allow user to continue whatever user were doing.

In other way it detects the absence of the computer user and changes the computer mode to given stage which is efficient that default computer power saving feature. The following advantages can be achieve by using this artifact

1. Provide efficient way to save the power usage of computer by changing the state of computer which cause to lower usage of electricity
  • According to Grisebach (2003) a typical computer (including monitor) energy usage is 175 Watts. Although typical computer use small electricity when it is turn on. The most computers which are available today consume significant amount of electricity because of high-end hardware and software. When it takes individually it might be a small amount but considering large number of computer there will be a huge energy wastage.
  • This is a huge impact to environment crisis and unnecessary energy consumption cause to wastage of money which is very prohibitive to people in this economic crisis.
    Using this artefact allow user to minimize unnecessary energy consumption

2. It is allows to user to constraint on what was user were doing without having any disturbance

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