Face Recognition System for Mobile devices to help law enforcement of Sri Lanka

4:48 PM Viduruwan Suvinith 0 Comments

Currently Sri Lankan law enforcement officers are facing lot of difficulties to identify suspects because there are no ways to confirm that suspect is a wanted person or not. In those kind of situations the suspects have to go with officers to police station and check the “wanted person list “in police or police have to let the suspects to go. Because of that it is waste of valuable time of both citizens and officers.

To avoid unnecessary waste of time and money, It is proposed to develop an solution that allows officers or other privileged person to take a photo of suspect using a mobile device (can use for mobile phone, PDA) and check it with the photos of centralized database (Since this is a prototype it is not necessary to have actual data) and decide the suspect is wanted person or not by examine result of the search.

Since there are no similar applications in Sri Lanka I think this project will be a good invest to the society and as well as to me because I think there will be more challengeable things that allow me learn and experience.

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