City of Pearls , Visiting Charminar

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There are some places that steal your mind and heart  because of those sense of history , scenic view of the place

Charminar which constructed at end of the fifteen century is a magnificent place located near Hyderabad city which calls old city. This structure is a one of highly noticed land mark in India. I would say popular next to Taj Mahal in Goa. 

Charminar name derives form Urdu which translated to  Four Pillers. Charminar is a structure which these eponymous pillars  are ornate minarets attached and supported by four grand arches.

Enough of history lesson , if you interested you can read them later , 

Chaminar look from distance
As Hyderabad is a city which has equal Hindu and Islam cultural influence with Mogul and Hindu kings rulers ,As later it wasted ruled by mainly Islam Moguls  you can see more influence of Persian and Mogul Architecture patterns. 

Charminar and surrounding area predominately based on Muslim society , People , Food and selling goods are show casing the same.

Chaminar is adjustment to Laad Bazaar
(Photo Custody :-

Entrance to  Laad Bazaar

One of the unique things that I have noticed around Chaminar is the vibrant colors of  Bangles and Fresh water pearls.

Bengles and other goods


It was a wonderful trip. me and my friends got into bus from the city at the morning withing 2 hour ride we were able to get into Charminar.

on the way to Chaminar by Bus
At the entrance you will see a board which describe things about  Chaminar

Chaminar at distance ,,,

Once you get inside after paying entrance fee , you will get into a narrow staircase located inside pillar / Tower. After climbing around 400 steps you will get into the terrace. Which is having plenty of enough space to walk down .

Inside of balcony / corridor 

OK ! enough taking photos , warning form the security :)

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