Oracle E Business Suite Configuration, Personalization Customization and Extension

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Recently I have been assigned to a project that involves in Oracle E business suite. As name says Oracle E business suite is a ERP system developed by Oracle. ERP systems or else Enterprise Resource Planning system can define as set of integrated applications that allow to an organization to handle it business by using one single system.
SAP , Microsoft Dynamics can be identify as competitors of the Oracle E Biz , This post is not entirely it is definition. Basically once a company needs to use Oracle E Business suite it needs be change / modify base on company’s business needs.

In Oracle E business suite it is done in three ways.

Changes are mostly made to ERP products by means of setup and configurations.  Performing a setup usually means making changes to the product, without writing computer programs. System or product configuration is normally performed by functional analysts.

In E-Business Suite, the underlying technologies that render the user interface at presentation layer allow system implementers and end users to declaratively personalize the content of application forms and web pages. If business needs cannot be met by system configuration and setup, this is the first option to look at as it provides the safest way to change the system.

The major technologies that enable user personalizations in E-Business Suite are Oracle Forms and Oracle Application Framework (OAF), often referred to as Forms Personalizations and OA Framework Personalizations.

Customizations and Extensions
If, due to the generic nature of the product or any other reason, certain business requirements cannot be met through the product configuration and personalization,the technical development team is required either to extend the existing product functionality or introduce completely new custom modules that seamlessly integrate with the standard product and functionality. Depending on the underlying technology, both customization and extension terms are often used interchangeably, and usually they mean one thing: extending the product functionality by means of writing custom code that is either tightly or loosely coupled with E-Business Suite applications code and, in some cases, even completely decoupled from product code.


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Oracle E Business suite Development and Extensibility HandBook

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