Love with Education !

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"Love" it is one of the  biggest problem in some teen's , younger's  lives. Most of  youngers are struggling to find the perfect love while they are doing their studies. Actually it is once of the reason to mess-up not only their education but also their personal lives. This post about the my vision about the having love affairs while studies

There are some couples who started their relationship when they are in 13 years old which mean that time even do not have any idea about what is love and the responsibilities. Actually those incident happen because of less caring of their parents. Also in some remote area of Sri Lanka they start to have physical relationships because of less understand of the sex.

In towns we can see lot of school age couples having chat in dark corners of the cinemas or roads .Most of them cut their tuitions. Sri Lankan cultural does not allows having under age relationships because the cultural of Sri Lanka consist of  Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.(only to name)

The long term affection of underage physical relationships is really high to Sri Lankan society

1. Their can be a growth of social diseases
2. growth of number of single parents
3. growth of number of underage school leavers
4. Finally It can affect to total economic of the country

Even this will be a cultural bomb like something which  happened in America in mid 80's.The main reason for these underage's relationships is allowing unwanted and harmful TV programmes for seen by young teenagers

How we can avoid this
  1. Give good knowledge about sexuality and love to younger children
  2. Parents should more alerted about the their children and there activities

And also In Sri Lanka cultural , Parents normally does not talk about the sex related issues in front of the their children thinking it misleads  children ,Actually Sri Lankans should have some deviations from the traditional parent – children relationship.

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