Ranidu Lankage -- Google and Sri Lanka

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Ranidu Lankage is a one of the person who introduced hip hop and RnB music to Sri Lanka. If I’m not mistaken his and his co-partner Iraj’s first album was “Ahankara Nagare”. The songs in their album got popular among Sri Lankan young generation within few days after they released songs media. Ranidu is not only a Sri Lankan artist he is a popular in international also. According to Wikipedia, Ranidu’s songs have listed in Billboard charts also.

Recently people started taking about him because of Google’s 2011 Christmas song which has music done by

Ranidu. One thing people rarely noticed is that Ranidu is a Google employee. According to Wikipedia Ranidu is currently working at Google as a Google Business Systems Integrator. As a Sri Lankan I’m really proud of him first he is an internally recognized artist who represents our mother land. Secondly he is a one of lucky Sri Lankan who works at Google.

Well done Ranidu. Keep your works up,

Google Song

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