A Place To Visit : Galle Face Green

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Today I visited  Galle Face Green. The Galle Face Green is currently a 5 hectare ribbon strip of  land between Galle Road and Indian Ocean which is now the largest open space in Colombo. It is a haunt for children, vendors, teenagers, lovers, merrymakers and all those who want to indulge in their favorite pastimes next to the sea under the open sky.

This is the third time in this month I visited here. Normally when I get sick with  office politics , people or when I need to clear my head , I go somewhere alone and enjoy timeout. Among numerous places I visited Galle Face Green is a one place I can go again and again.

What is special in Galle Face Green 

Galle Face Green has one of the longest walking way with beautiful see view in Colombo. If you need to have morning walk or do exercises this is the first place you should go (I mean if you are in Colombo).

You can Enjoy Sun Set 

It’s truly a romantic place to be watching the sun going down in many colors and finally fading away to the ocean. For a brisk walk in the evenings, this would be the perfect place for you.

No worries about Security 

Few years back this place used to be paradise for thieves, money collectors but now you do not need to worry. There is a police post and you can see police men patrolling. So no thieves any more........

Costly foods and Snacks (Junk food)

The one thing that you should not forget is if you are planning to have a lunch or snack in Galle Face Green is food are relatively costly that other places. If you are going with large group , the best option is order food from Dinemore , Burger King or some other place and ask to deliver to you.(they will charge small fee for delivery).Anyway do not forget to taste "Isso Wade" there because your trip to Galle Face Green is not completing without it.

Here are some photos I have taken during my visits ,

Google Map 

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