Standard questions. Prepared answers. If job interviews are all the same, how to find the right talent among 1734 applicants?

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Recently I had a chance to go through a video which seems to be little strange from what we see every day.

The video starts from a person , Asking a question “What is your management style?” and set of frames about answering to that question. At one point you see the interviewer , a matured person you saw in first video take hands of young person and take into a room. The next thing that you see is the person is having a heart attack and young guys / gals try to seek help by opening a closed door which they could not since it is locked from outside! Then a fire rescue event and a young boy help to fire marshals to rescue a person who jumped from a building. Finally video end in a crowded stadium and giving a job offer to a guy called “Guy”.

It is time to have a look at this video.

I know after seeing the video most of you will say “WOW” not only because of the awesomeness on video but also the energizing feeling that you get from watching this video. For me the wow factor of this video is the strategy behind this video.  Heineken is not just a company but a corporate giant on Wall Street. This company has gained 18,383 million Euros revenue on last year. So it may be very easy for them to hold this kind of campaign.

Is this just a campaign to recruit an individual among 1700+ applicants? 

I would say it is a partial requirement of this campaign. Among Total of 76,191 employees why Heineken is interesting to get only one employee by spending probably hundreds of thousand Euros. That kind of intention with that much of money is too good to believe. I would rather say it is just a part of marketing strategy they follow.

I mostly appreciate the strategy behind marketing of their brand and to find the right candidate from the best among bests.They would have spent hundreds of thousand Euros for this, they could have simply hired a head hunter and find a well educated and professionally qualified person for their position. They just kill two birds with one stone. If you just see the number of hits on the YouTube video they have 3,419,791 hits which is nearly similar to good commercials can get.

As an employee / job seeker what we can get from this?

Currently with modern technology anybody can get qualified in education, may be professionally, Also get prepare for the questions which might shoot by the interviewer. Education or professional qualifications may not just enough to get a job in your dream company. You need to be more active and ready for anything because stress handling, activeness, quick decision making and other soft skills might be very hard to find from books. In company perspective view, they always try to find best among best. They are making an investment in their employee so they simply do not care individuals who do not meet their requirements and also do not forget sometime recruitment is also a part of marketing.As far I know there are few companies is SL is also follow that such as MAS holding , Virtusa and Uniliver.

Have a Good Day !

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