Why Should not we do A/L to be a Graduate

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Image 1.0 Why Should not we do A/L to be a Graduate
I think this topic will  help for those who have a doubt in choosing what to do after finishing their O/L exam .Those days when I was doing O/L I did not have such a question because I did not have a alternative to be taken.Therefore I continued with my A/L. Today I’m following Bsc degree in UK University which is recognized by Sri Lankan University Grant commission.

Actually I did my O/L in year 2003 and I did A/L two times with hopes of selecting Sri Lankan State University which was  only a dream. Totally I spent 4 years of My life to be select to Sri Lankan University actually the fault was mine I spent my A/L student life by doing lot of Extra circular activities and less time for Education.

But After whole 4 year I realized I have less chance to select to Sri Lankan state university and I joined private institute which offer degree with excellent education. I joined with my A/L qualification but there were another option where it follow a foundation course which conduct private institute and continue with degree then there will be total 4 years course and less than 10 million fee which equal to those 4 years I spent to my A/L. Today I’m 22 years old and still in 2nd level and 1 year yet to finish. I really sad about me because if I could join right after my O/L I will be doing a job now and I have extra few years to continue with my career.

But finally I would like to tell those experience and knowledge I gained from the my school time is unique comparing with those who did foundation course. But If you are not planning to join Sri Lankan government university the best option is follow a foundation course and finish your degree and continue with your future


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Today I work in Virtusa as a software engineer. I think still the points I discussed here are valid because I have been work with few guys who graduated form state campuses and I do not feel difference between them and I in knowledge and confident.. 

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