A new Web site for University Students

2:51 AM Viduruwan Suvinith 0 Comments

I included this idea to a project application which I provided to join APIIT "AREA 51 Team" It is a web site which provides services to users and makes profit by allowing third parties to reach users that can via   advertisements or a private message (e mail newsletters).

This application will facilitate to its primary stakeholders who are university students and advertisers to share education materials, publish papers, make friend (social networks) among users, search and apply for jobs, conduct surveys, rating and ranking user’s posts, messaging and having discussions as main features. It also allows educational institutions, job providers and other third parties to reach and provides services to students with some conditions.

And also this application will be able to work as a CMS (Content Management System) which allows further extends of the services and features of the application.

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