First Look at SharePoint 2010

1:49 PM Viduruwan Suvinith 0 Comments

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, According to Microsoft “A Collaboration Software for the Enterprise “has been recognized as one of the “God Platform” product in the field.  Before I went through Virtusa onboard training program, I had a rough idea about SharePoint which is only narrow to web content management. I was lucky enough to take part the trainings given by Joy Rathnayake , A well reputed MVP and Microsoft Certified Trainer.

He is a Senior Architect who is specialized in SharePoint developing .When we got to know that our next training will be conducted by a Senior Architect most of us got very excited because “SharePoint” was new topic to us and the experiences shared by a  Senior Architect  are more valuable to novice us. We have been reading lots of materials over the internet about SharePoint for just to prepare for the big day coming ahead.
As usual I was expecting another “set of boring Hello World slides”. But without knowing me also I got interested about the SharePoint within first few minutes of the training may be that is because I have done my homework or inspiring speech given by Joy about SharePoint. However the training was focused about the basics about SharePoint. In the first few days we were covering features of the SharePoint central administration. But when we go into deeper I felt that even though SharePoint central administrator and share point designer give good hand to customize SharePoint those are not flexible enough.
Then custom web parts came into the scene which was really interesting with help of XLTS it was possible to do some customization which we never ever thought possible with web customization. This is a one place I realize the power of XML. After going through that also I felt we missed something then Joy showed the way to actual SharePoint development which is done by using Visual Studio my favorite development tool.
What I can say is SharePoint is a brand new world to those who have not familiar with it. Even after 15 days continues studying about SharePoint I still feel I have not explore 1% of SharePoint “world”. Anyway I know one thing once it build a strong foundation, building wall on top of it will be easier.

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